Since 1967, Wisconsin Singers students have shared their time and talents with passion and purpose. Representing a variety of majors across the UW campus, these young collegiates volunteer hundreds of hours as they rehearse, travel, work in clinics and perform Broadway-caliber shows, helping communities raise dollars through family-friendly entertainment events. 

They'll get out of their warm beds and travel thousands of miles to spend time with more than 1,000 grade 5-12 students in workshops that focus on quality musicianship and building confidence inspiring young people to pursue a college education and to keep music in their lives. 

These shows have helped to raise more than a million dollars in scholarship dollars and tens of thousands of dollars for community organizations. Wisconsin Singers broaden their leadership, professionalism and communication skills.

Wisconsin Singers receives no funding from the UW. This means that Friends of Wisconsin Singers, our funding organization, must help these honest and compassionate UW students raise at least $50,000 prior to December 30, 2017 with another $100,000 to raise by June 30, 2018. 

For general information about the Singers or making a gift, please contact Chris Novotny / Director of Business Operations - 608.770.6266